Atheist Indians are geniuses

The always-vigilant #1 Fan sent me this blog post from the OKCupid dating system. I love the fact that they are always breaking down their statistics to see what people are like. From this specific post, some of the highlights are:

“If I had to choose over-arching themes for white people’s lists, for men, I’d go with “frat house” and for women, “escapism.” Whether one begot the other is a question I’ll leave to the reader. ”

“If you’re trying to figure out if white dudes like something, put fucking in the middle, and say it out loud. If it sounds totally badass, white dudes probably love it.”

“Basically, if a Latin dude tells you a joke, you should laugh.”

“Is there a Comic Sans version of the Bible? There really should be.”

Probably the most interesting bit is the last third where literacy is computed and Christian white folk score the lowest. That was sobering.