This fellow, Vincenzo Cosenza recently published a World Map of Social Networks on December 6th and it just happens that large blogging outfits such as TechCrunch are picking up on it today.
It’s a really cool map that does indeed show that Facebook and their currently more than a 1/3 of a billion users are slowly sucking in all the rest of the users in the world. Not too much shocking there are Facebook grows like Borg these days. I mean, even my mom is on it, although she is thoroughly not in to it.
What is more of a surprise is that there actually isn’t a massive void between South Africa and North Africa on the map. Amazingly, there are some countries in Sub-Saharan Africa on the map, as if they actually do exist. I know, it’s shocking. Naturally, there could be more and it goes to show that Alexa is not accurately measuring statistics in Africa as I know that there are scads of people using Facebook and Twitter in countries that aren’t listed on that map, such as I, don’t know… Mali, Benin, and Togo amongst others? Couldn’t they have just tossed Facebook over those countries just for the hell of it so that they could be included?
Still, an interesting map if you’re curious about such things. Although, like I said, it shows few surprises in the social network landscape, which is why it’s getting rather humdrum to some extent since there is little competition (I don’t put Facebook and Twitter in to the same group) and thus, little exciting in innovation these days.
Nicely done, smaller hole on your map there