Ass, Lots of Ass at the 2007 Folsom Street Fair

It was both male and female ass (mostly male unfortunately) but the yearly, Folsom Street Fair happened today and it was the first one that I’ve attended despite living in San Francisco for four years. You can see all the photos in my Folsom Street Fair Gallery.

It was pretty much everything I expected. Well, that’s not true actually as I expected much fouler goings on than I saw based on what friends told me about it from last year. Sure, there’s a lot of kink happening and you see what things a good many people need to do for sexual fulfillment in their life, but there are no open sex shows or any complete filth that I saw. I’m sure that after the fact or maybe when it gets dark, things get a bit more out of control, as people like the dark to do their sinful business.

The festival is not for the conservatively faint of heart though. There are great gobs of naked people everywhere (mostly men) and others who like to exhibit. There are also a good many with some pretty crazy piercings. Also, for the first time in my life, I had the “privilege” to see a cock ring not only work but in full action. Many a boy there liked to stroke what nature gave him for all to see, which made the naked guys at the Love Fest the day before incredibly tame.

I think the event is run excellently. They do a great job in cordoning off five city blocks and a couple of side streets to make this happen. There are plenty of drinks and some good smelling food as well as a huge swath of portable toilets (although I wasn’t keen on using them). I also like the fact that the $5 you pay to get in goes to charity, although the “it’s for a good cause” does get lame in San Francisco. And lastly, despite the fact that I was a pretty boring bystander not wearing a leather, latex or generally kinky outfit, I felt well tolerated. I suppose this is only natural given how many people there were exhibitionists.

I don’t know that I would go back next year as it gets a bit repetitive and I am only there as an observer, but I was glad that I finally got around to seeing this legendary festival in action. I’m just realizing now that I really lost a good opportunity to buy some ass-less chaps there, since they had some good clearances on used leather items items. C’est la vie.

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