Whomever the little wankers that came up with this acronym were, I think they should be publicly lynched.
Why? Simple, everything is ASAP now. Everything needs everything As Soon As Possible and it gets to be stupid beyond believe. I see it from people all the time telling me they need something ASAP. Here’s a little hint; if you have to tell me in technology about it, then most likely you need it done pronto. While there are only a small percentage of people who insist on using this at my company, it seems that they’re using it more and more as I look through the tickets and see how prevalent it is.
I guess its something of a nervous laugh or a finger twitch for people, because if they thought about it for more than a second, they’d realize how dumb it. And its not just dumb for the basic reason that acronyms from the 80’s shouldn’t be used today unless you want to proudly proclaim you’re an ass, it’s dumb because it is so non-specific. It’s like someone has a problem, they don’t want to think about it or deal with it so they toss this non-linear non-quantified time figure on there. Saying, today, or tomorrow, or this week, or whenever you get done being a slacker would be much more helpful. Of course, something else helpful is if people don’t come down to you saying, “Hi, I deleted a file and for some reason, it’s gone.” “Yeah, it does that…” :(