Argh! No more Peterson, no more!

Now, I understand he’s under indictment allegedly for murdering his wife and unborn child and I know that he had an affair with another woman, but what the hell is with the fixation of the press on Scott Peterson?!!
I can understand why people are crazy about Michael Jackson in his latest lawsuit. He’s obviously rich, famous, and whacky. I can sorta understand the fixation on the now dissolved union between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, although in my book, they’re both B actors and in J-Lo’s case musician.
But, why oh why is there such a to-do about Scott Peterson. This guy is nobody. He’s just some jackass that probably killed his wife. You may be asking why I sound so flippant about that? That’s a good question, to which the answer is that there are countless people each year that kill their spouse and no one says anything about it, except for a minor story on page 10 of the paper. It’s a sad fact, but people do this all the time. Is it because we’re talking about white folk here? Is it because of the brutality of it all? I simply don’t get it and frankly I’m sick and tired of hearing about it.
A guy I used to work with was a juror on a murder trial where a husband allegedly killed his wife. Turns out that the guy did indeed do it and they found him guilty. My co-worker didn’t get any book deal out of it. All he got was the $10 a day or whatever you get for parking your butt in the jury seat for a month. Oh, I forgot to add that the man was black. I guess that might have something to do with the fact that there wasn’t any big deal made of it.
People might say the fact that Peterson is being fawned over in the press so much that it is a positive statement that the media realizes, much to what they seem to want to report, that white people commit violent crimes as well (there’s one guy from Texas who has killed about 513 Americans and counting for instance and that seems to get a decent amount of coverage) But before the media go patting themselves on the back, I think that this is indicative of an even sadder fact that they care so little about what happens to people who aren’t white that they simply don’t report on them anymore. The vultures have written them off as boring and violent and even though they don’t overtly state it, this gets reflected into their broadcasts, since the crimes commited by people that aren’t white always seem to be portrayed as some anonymous person of that race who has committed the crime and thus inferring that it could be ANYONE of that race who did it, while, when someone white commits a crime, their name is given. I can’t remember the last time I saw a composite drawing of a white suspect flashed up during the news here in California. It seems to want to drive home the case that “See! See! It was just this one white guy that did that. White people in general aren’t bad!” Hate to break it to you, but most all people in general aren’t bad. You get about 3% of the population that are bad seeds and they get sowed as the news media sees fit these days.
Now, I could be completely wrong, assuming that the Peterson fascination is all about race, but it reminds me of the fact that there was that Elizabeth Smart girl (I think that was her name, see jaded already…) in Utah who was kidnapped and it was this huge, nationwide hunt. But when a poor young girl of a non-white background named Xianna Fairchild went missing about the same time it was contained to only being regional coverage within the SF Bay Area. Fair and balanced my ass.
I doubt it will change anytime soon and I don’t that all my ranting and raving will do anything to stop the Peterson trial coverage, but something needs to be said, which is what I try to do here.