Arboreal Felines

I was visiting my family over the weekend and they have a new dog, which in and of itself isn’t that big a deal, since a dog is a dog and as dogs go, it’s a fine dog.
It’s always funny to see how dogs and cats integrate though, since there are several cats up there, who were quite content with their existence up until the introduction of the dog.
At first, things weren’t so great. The dog was always managing to chase the cats away from their food, no matter how high up we put the food. We weren’t sure if the dog wasn’t too into the cats or was really into them and they were simple misinterpretting her wishes. Cats do that I’ve heard.
Anyways, as the days went on, a “truce” of sorts was reached in that, the cats were finally able to get at their food. This happens to come in their sacrificing their land-based existence. We watched them hop from tree to tree to avoid the dog as they keep away from the ground. They jumped into where the food is on a high platform, ate and then retire back to the trees.
All in all, this is a pretty funny thing to watch as the cats out number the dog and don’t seem to realize that if they put their collective feline intellect together they might be able to outsmart the dog. But, until that happens, it appears that we’ll be breeding a new arboreal-based cat that lives its entire life in trees. So, they’re somewhat like squirrels except a tad more annoying.