The new Twitter home page is a hater

For those who don’t know, sexiest-dot-com-in-the-world-at-the-moment, Twitter has relaunched their homepage.

This builds on a series of changes starting last year when we redesigned the homepage to make search and trending topics more visible and easily accessible to everyone. With that version, we brought the power of to the homepage and let people explore the value of Twitter without an account.

This is all fine and good as it marks what seems to be either the third or fourth iteration of their home page, but I’m curious if perhaps it goes a bit far towards the “die Explorer die” camp? I mean, for some time now, I’ve noticed that for Explorer 7 & 8, Twitter works alright, but it’s not nearly as good as in Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Opera. And when it comes to Explorer 6, it’s a real disaster. To a degree, I support this direction, especially as Explorer 6 is a dead horse, but at the same time, Explorer still makes up just under half of the browser market and when viewing Twitter in Explorer 8, it tosses a compatibility error mode. It’s not the most amazing thing in the world and I was rather surprised to see it. I’m curious as to whether it’s just a temporary bug or if Twitter thinks that somehow all these Explorer users are going to vanish in the coming months? Or maybe it’s more that they seem they market divesting to the tablet/mobile side of things and they don’t really care about the desktop/notebook era?
My other issue is heaviness of the home page. What I’ve really liked about Twitter in the relatively sans-FailWhale epoch is that it’s been simple, light, and quick. This home page changes a great deal of that and depending on the time of the day I access it, it is very difficult to load. Seeing as how I am indeed a member of the site, I don’t really need this home page and thus, I tend to just go straight to to get to a slimmer, faster way to access my account. That works quite well to bypass all the craziness of the home page and get to the Twitter I know and love.
Ultimately, it would be nice to see a couple of things come about:
– Just a bit more attention paid to at least Explorer 8.
– Streamline the home page information as now it’s almost too much.
– Lighten up the bandwidth requirements of the home page as it’s running about half a meg currently.
The new Twitter home page is a hater