Apple OS 10.3.9 Update is Very Very Bad!

If you’re one of those folks out there who works on a Mac and likes to stay up with the updates, stay the hell away from 10.3.9 for now. It’s gots some really screwy things going on.
We’ve installed it in only a few machines at my office and it appears that any machine with multiple user accounts, you’re going to run in to problems. One rather large one is that fact that machine won’t boot. It will look like it will boot and it will try to boot, but it will just hang there indefinitely. Fixing the disk permissions won’t work. Running Diskwarrior won’t work. Running the Apple Hardware tests will do nothing. The machine, as far as we can tell, is hosed. The only way we’ve found around it is to do complete rebuilds of the system.
Now, things appear to work decently well on systems where there is only one account or all accounts have administrative rights, which was the case with my laptop and a machine I built up that didn’t have any accounts on it but the administrator account. I’m still waiting to see how this update is on stability, since with each new release, new problems arise.
One big thing is that printing companies out there are saying not to run this update, which is the first time I’ve heard of this. There are incompatibilities with some software out there that large printing groups run.
Apple really screwed up on this one. They always tout the fact that viruses don’t hit their systems like they do Windows, but there isn’t really a need for viruses to crash their systems, since they realease updates that do a fine job of it.
Watch out for this update, follow along with this article, and pray that they’re going to release a newer version of it that actually works in the very near future!