Apple No Care

Whatever you do, don’t fall prey to this rebranded extended warranty from Apple Computer called Apple Care.
Most consumer guides will always advise against the extended warranties, since they’re ridiculous and if a company cannot stand behind their product, then you shouldn’t buy it. Such is the case with Apple Care, which makes you think that you really need this extra coverage, when in truth, most electronics will die within the first 90 days if they’re going to die.
But, some may say this seems like a good safety net, but in reality it isn’t. While the Apple folks will act upon something you bring in under warranty, if they replace it, they may either give you a new component or a used one. Well, they call it refurbished, but it’s a used part. And let me tell you that unlike other equipment I’ve bought as refurbished, the Apple stuff is junk.
So, let me just tell you that you don’t ever, ever want to invest in this garbage. The fact that Apple won’t put a warranty that is longer than 90 days on their G5 is ridiculous, especially when the cheapest one of those is $2000.
Relvolt with your wallet! Don’t buy Apple Care!