Apple iPod for Windows

So, I finally broke down and got an iPod –
I’m not really an Apple guy and I really don’t like the trendy factor when it comes to the Apple hardware. I mean the reason I buy a server, should not by because “it’s a sexy machine” as one unfortunate IT guy said. You need to keep in mind that a server is a workhorse that sits in a dark room and does it’s business without a monitor or anyone working on it.
So, I was kinda leery of the whole iPod business, especially since pink iPod minis are going for twice their retail price on eBay. But, I needed something just for MP3’s and I needed something to work as a portable drive for carrying files. I looked and looked, but unfortunately for me, the best solution was the silly iPod. I ended up getting the 15 Gb version, since the larger capacity version were far too expensive and this is more than enough space for my needs.
So, how does it all work out for me? Damn good as far as the player is concerned. It is a very tightly integrated and well-designed interface that works fast enough. I’m nor crazy about the lag time that you get when accessing different areas of the menu, but overall, the thing works just fine and the scroll wheel is a really cool thing. So cool in fact that I think I want to get a Palm Tungsten T3 – due to the scroll wheel it has.
Now, from a interface into the machine end, I’ve had some problems. I’m a Windows guy and for some reason, the link into the PC just isn’t as smooth as it is on my work machine, which is a G4 Powerbook. It’s kinda clunky, always wants to sync up with iTunes whenever its plugged in and is a general pain in the ass. So, I try to use it as little as possible. I may be in a weird camp though, since I do a lot of video work and my firewire system is set up for camera access. I’m going to get the extra cord I need to use it on USB 2.0 and see if that makes things happier.
Overall, it seems to work fine, although people have complained about the battery life, which isn’t good since you can’t replace the battery in there, although Apple does offer a very kind $99 charge to do it for you, blah. I’ll see how the battery works out as time goes on and update at some point.