#$%&* Apple, How Do You Do It?!!

Apple, what the hell is your problem? After all this time of blaming Microsoft, the people who brought you Windows and what is thought to be an inferior product, there should be a change of face for Mac people. Yeah, I know, your Mac is golden and pinnacle of computer design and implementation, but let me tell you, after what I’ve found out about their networking system, it is anything but.
It turns out that even with AppleTalk (or AFP) and Samba (SMB), two completely separate networkign system, they still can’t create a stable system for OS X. Sure, you can get on a network server and it will generally work, but try working with that for some time. You’ll find out all kinds of fun things, like the fact you can’t move or rename files in SMB or files will suddenly disappear in AFP. These fun little things happen with both an OS X server and a Windows Server, so don’t say that it’s one server system or another, because it ain’t. It’s the Mac client itself. Why can I say this? Oh, go and download the demo of DAVE from Thursby software www.thursby.com and see the difference. Oh my, does that SMB share suddenly move as quickly as it used to in OS 9? Why yes, I think it does. Does it not crash and hang up when accessing? Once again, yes. Are you limited to a platry 30 characters filenames? Hell no! And lastly, can you rename, delete, and move files/folders. Oh yeah, baby, you can.
This is just stupid. Stupid in that you have to buy a third party application to get something so simple as network file access to work right. Thank god there’s the workaround, but bad Apple. Bad, bad, bad. Try thinking the right way instead of different for once!