Here and There: Worlds AIDS Day Edition

Normally, I only do these bits infrequently whenever I get a couple of links that I want to share around. This has not been the case with World Aids Day. There have been many posts about Twitter specifically and their idea that for some reason, AIDS = Africa despite the fact that it affects the entire world. I mean, even Croatia has (a most likely inaccurately reported) 10 deaths a year from AIDS. And the United States for all its “civility and development” has more AIDS deaths a year per capita than Mauritania, Libya, Comoros, Algeria, or Mauritius.
I was tempted to write up a post on it from the Twitter angle, but have thought better of it as the following two posts really summed up just about anything I’d have to say, but with a lot less sarcasm.
Open Letter to Twitter
The Wronging Rights girls are always a good read. Kate is pretty much spot-on (as usual) with her post.
Brand Africa, Twitter and World AIDS Day
Alasdair comments from South Africa about the inanity of this, but without stooping to throwing insults or heavy objects (unlike my approach to arguments.) He goes on to point out that the European and North American view of Africa has let them lose a great number of business opportunities that Asia and South America have seized upon.