Anti-Semitism is Incorrect

With everything swirling around about Mel Gibson right now, let’s clear the air on this incorrect piece of terminology. First of all, let’s just put it on the record that this term is , as far as I can tell, used completely wrong.
The first thing to realize is what a Semite is. In a nutshell, these are the people from the core of what we find to be the Middle East these days, including: Arabs, Palestinians, Syrians, Lebanese, and yes, the Jews. You can read more about this in the Wikipedia Article.
So, as you can see, being a Semitic person does not mean that you are implicitly Jewish and the word has gotten to be tossed around so freely that that seems to be the only meaning anyone things of these days. In reality though, if you want to be purely technical about the whole matter, the Jewish people are probably the least Semitic of all the races from that region due to a very wide diaspora around the world that has since reversed that pattern in the last 50 years to settle Israel. There are definitely blond-haired, blue-eyed Jews and yet for some reason, these people are still considered Semitic for some reason.
I’ve thought about all of this for some time, long before Drunken Mel went off the cliff and it all seems quite logical to me that Anti-Semitic means you are pretty much against the entire Middle East, not just the Jews of Hebrew descent. If you want to take it a step further (and this is definitely a controversial step) you can see that the Jews are Anti-Semitic based upon their constant state of war with everyone else in the region. They are fighting the people that, as far as I can tell, are the most Semitic people there are.
This is all just nitpicking, but it really bothers me when one group decides that just being racist towards their race requires a name unto its own. The Jews are the only group who do this and appear to do it incorrectly. Think about it, there are not Asiacists, Africanicists, etc. That’s all just being a racist. Weird, huh?