Another Image Update

Yeah, I took a lot of shots on my last Europe trip (about 370 actually) and I haven’t even gotten to the big batches yet. Here’s an update of two of the smaller groups though.
The first one is composed of shots from my adventure up to Lake Bled. I don’t know if Ivan and Romana read my blog, but if you two do, again, many thanks for taking a helpless American up to see the place. For everyone else, it’s worth a day trip up there to see the lake and castle. I would just suggest going when it’s warmer, because as it was April, it was a bit cold. Still nice though.
The second group are all about my journey to the Hudin homeland in Sveta Jana. That was a nice, wandering trip just outside of Jastrebarsko. I gotta give “mad props” to my cousin Marko for taking an adventurous trip of his own, down from Slovenia, in to Zagreb and then down here, just to give me a lift and meet family that are at best, distantly related to him. Quite a decent thing to do and I believe the equivalent would be a drive from San Francisco to Yosemite whenever he can make it to the US. I’ve also included a little movie of Sveta Jana which is in Quicktime and about 2.5 megs in size. Sorry about the jerkiness of it. The autofocus on the little camera I was using went kind of nuts while filming.
So, enjoy and be happy with the knowledge that yes, there are even more to come and some of my favorites are these groups.