Angel Island is Burning

I have no idea how it happened, but as I was driving (had a rental car over the weekend) up the side of Russian Hill and hit Taylor, I looked to the right and saw this massive, eerie glow where Angel Island should be. I appears that a small fire broke out and turned in to a huge fire. The shot below is from 21:46 and you can see that most of the island is engulfed in flames. Thankfully no one lives on the island, but this creates and added problem of there being no fire fighting resources on the islands. As I’m writing this, fire fighters have somehow managed to get out there and try to battled the flames, but I assume that it won’t be until the morning that we’ll know the results of this. Again, just a creepy thing to see on an otherwise pleasant night of meeting with friend at Vesuvio for drinks and a chat.
Angel Island is Burning

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    1. Might have been due to some offsite image blocking that I do because so many idiots in forums just link to the photos on the site without giving any credit and using up my bandwidth. If it was through your feed reader, then that might have been the problem. Otherwise, I’m not quite sure.

      Oh yeah, I just saw it this morning was well and it a big, fat, blackened, smoldering mess. It’s leaving a lot of ash all over the city as well of course.

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