And they call Spaniards lazy Part 3

I’ve touched on this subject in Part 1 and Part 2, but it appears it’s time for a Part 3. This Economist article came out today showing the countries in relation to the amount of time they spend eating and sleeping. France was at the top of the heap, surprisingly followed by those mutton munchers, New Zealand.
It’s the second tier that’s most interesting to me as it contains: Japan, Germany, Italy, Belgium, and Spain. Now, who considers the Japanese, Germans, and Belgians lazy? No one that I know. Yet, they all have the same or more time dedicated to eating and sleeping as does Spain. Interesting that Spaniards are still considered the most lazy. I assume that this perception is the one propagated by British tourists ever so upset that they can’t get dinner at 18:00 because Spanish restaurants have just stopped serving lunch. Did they ever think how annoying it is when I visit their rainy little isle that I can’t eat anywhere after (at best and maybe only in London) 21:00?
I admit that there are definitely lazy Spaniards out there, just like there are lazy Americans or anyone else, but most Spaniards I know work a nine or ten hour workday. It’s just that long lunch is the heat of the afternoon that makes it seem like it’s nothing.
And they call Spaniards lazy Part 3

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  1. USA and France must have a very skinny “bell curve” with the extreme apex holding up the lack of eating and drinking, and the profuse eating, drinking, and sleeping, respectively. The lack of time spent eating and drinking in the USA certainly does not reflect on the size of them.

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