And They Call Spaniards Lazy Part 2

This is another update from part 1 where I was laughing at the finger pointing that goes on when it comes to saying that the Spaniards have a lazy work ethic. This time, it revolved around the recommendation of not visiting Venice in August. It’s not because of the standard issues of visiting in high season. It’s the fact that everything is closed.
Like I said earlier, people will give Spaniards a hard time for closing up shop in the middle of the day. Well, how about closing for the entire month of August! This is the most prime money making time for people in Venice and they’ll completely close up shop and go to the coast. Ironically, they’ll often be in Spain and probably griping about how lazy Spaniards are when it comes to closing in the middle of the day. But anyways, I was shocked to see how many places simply were not open. It certainly made dining a lot more frustrating, albeit affordable, since we couldn’t eat out while there due to all the closed restaurants.
I’m not saying that people aren’t entitled to do this. I just can’t stand these pots calling those kettles black. I also get annoyed when I heard Italians from Venice say how broke they are when they make the conscious choice to close and lose money. I guess it’s just the American in me, annoyed by the meager two weeks we get at most jobs for vacation unless we quit.