And They Call Spaniards Lazy Part 1

The Spaniards get a lot of crap for the midday break that they take. It’s usually around two hours and because most people outside of Spain are there on holiday and don’t have this system, they complain about it a lot. It’s true that if you don’t plan lunch carefully, you’re screwed since the whole town shuts down during this time, but then again, they’re open a lot later, which I’m sure most people enjoy. I for one happen to really like eating at 10 at night. Many people don’t realize that the Spanish work day is at least eight hours long and sometimes much longer during the summer hours.
Why this gets criticized is beyond me, when you start looking at the coastal Croatian work hours. I’ve put some real gems down below showing they essentially take the same exact breaks, but in reality work considerably less hours. There is a good deal of common sense to this, since the middle of the day is ruthlessly hot along the Adriatic during the summer. My only issue is that no one should be pointing fingers when this is a pretty common practice all along the Mediterranean.
And They Call Spaniards Lazy Part 1

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  1. is it really beyond you to believe spaniards are lazy? I worked there for a few weeks and let me tell you, most spaniards people are LAZY. The stand around do nothing and take way too many “cofee breaks” and the talking they do! I was beyond ANNOYED

    1. I forgot to mention I love the idea of taking 2 hours to enjoy lunch time. That’s just awesome. However, the drinking I am not sure about. I would think they have gained the reputation mostly from the way they manage the working day. They simply are not as productive ( I mean in general, although there are people that actually do work hard) and end up working over-time. I have to shake my head in disaproval. Sorry

    2. Well, some people aren’t as productive. I would warrant that in Britain you’ll find just as many lazy bastards lulling about during the workday, but they aren’t as obvious about it. The US and UK have mastered the, “busy look”.
      But the point was that laziness is not just in Spain, but throughout the Mediterranean. It’s just that Spain gets the blame for laze.
      And if you really want to see lazy, try DR Congo. I’ve seen lazy buggers down there that make the laziest Spaniard look like the most productive German.

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