And the winner is?

The San Francisco Mayoral race is happening today. It was rather overshadowed by the whole recall business, but today is the day for the blessed people of SF to choose their new leader. I can’t vote, since I wasn’t able to transfer my voter registration in time, because I wanted to vote in the recall election.
San Francisco is unique in that it has a runoff election between the top two vote getters if one candidate doesn’t get more than 50% of the vote. My guess is that this is what will happen, since there are three candidates that are have a strong chunk of the voters.
First, there is Alioto. She’s a unique one because she’s lost several elections before this one, even being the daughter of a very popular mayor from the past.
Second there’s Ammiano who is openly gay and gave Willie Brown a good run for his money in the last election.
Lastly, there is Mr. Newsome. He’s the front runner, comes from money, and is what most people would consider to be a moderate Democract, although hardcore caucasian liberals who live in the Mission District would call him the scourge of the earth.
If I could vote, I have no idea who I’d vote for. While I consider myself to be a socialist in principle, I do like some of Newsome’s ideas. I think that liberalism has gone way too far in this town and that someone should reel it back into perspective. I also like Ammiano though, since he represents a segment of the population, which, while often flamboyant here in the City doesn’t get represented enough. Alioto I would probably vote for if the choice was between her and a conservative.
All in all, it will probably be an interesting turnout and we’ll see what happens after today. Stay tuned…