And That is That

So beyond the fact that today is a big day for Apple lovers due to the Developer’s Conference here in San Francisco and all the rumors circulating, I could actually give a rat’s ass. You see, today is the day that my little short film, Flamenco_Singer is finally over.
Technically, I guess we did wrap yesterday and this is the reason for me writing this the morning of today as opposed to last night, since we went out for a couple of drinkie poos after the shoot. And by a couple, I mean that if I hadn’t had a fat, evil Mission “quesadilla suiza super” and a lot of water before going to sleep, I would have felt like a tractor ran over me today.
How did the shoot go? That is a question I’ll probably be answering in various parts over the next few days. In short though, it went very, very well. All of the prep work, while splitting my head open, really paid off and I got a great huge gob of footage that I’m pretty damn happy with. As usually, things could have been better here and there, but I’d bet bank loans to interest that even multi-million dollar shoots feel the same way. It feels weird to call it this, but “art” in film is always about pushing yourself further even if that means locking a group of 15 people into a small restaurant for 12 hours to sweat and shoot the picture.
I do realize that my head hurts a little bit today, but it’s not from the cerveza last night. It’s from trying to shut off a breaker yesterday and flattening my cranium against a low beam in the basement of restaurant. This is gonna hurt for a few ticks….
Oh yeah, lastly big huge thanks to all involved and especially to Jennifer Derbin who I’m effin’ thrilled to have found and is a rockstar to work with for a cinematographer.