And the 9th birthday arrives

Many bloggers out there will write posts celebrating yearly anniversaries, or reaching 100 posts (wow…), or getting laid for the first time, or bi-monthly posts explaining why they’re not posting and swearing they’re going to get back to it. I used to write the first type for the first couple of years this little scratchpad was in existence. Keep in mind that was before WordPress and it was a lot of work to maintain as I had to build my own system to do it. Then, I realized it was rather banal and stopped doing it in favor of bitching about how people say Barcelona or wear their hair. These are much more worthwhile pursuits that all assert I am simply a 70 year-old man in the body of the mid 30 year-old ie, a blogger.

While today is the 9th anniversary of this blog, I could easily talk about publishing regional enotourism guides to Empordà, Catalonia or Dalmatia, Croatia, but instead of doing that, this date means its time to rethink the blog. It’s really needed as I’ve been in the middle of an intricate living arrangement move for the past months and while I keep up this site the best I can, I’m getting annoyed by the function it’s serving which is pretty much to supply images to the world. That’s a large part of the reason I haven’t updated my photos as much as I have in the past.

After deep consultations with my social media adviser, Editor in Chief, I think the photos need to get taken down and replaced with a “photo of the week” type of thing or just a general gallery or something along the lines that I can be much more lazy about updating, but have it be interesting. That and it’s time to really move all of this, tea reviews and all in to a full WordPressified website as I’m just getting too many damned websites to maintain and I need to use their networked blog system to make shit easier.

Other than that, it’s time to return to writing more stories and little tidbits that do indeed make this my digital monkey bars.

2 Replies to “And the 9th birthday arrives”

  1. Zemljak,
    Totally understand if the photos must go if they cost extra in bandwith. But if there are no savings, it will be harder to explain *cevapi* and other cool Balkan attractions so beatifully captured. I guess you are getting tired of providing free content. Middle finger to the interwebs.

  2. No, the photos on the blog articles would stay. Those are indeed quite crucial.

    It’s more the galleries and other photos that I spend time processing and put up. It was definitely more of a problem five years ago when there were say, no photos of Mostar bridge jumping. And it’s not so much the bandwidth but more the problem that people would just steal them and use them for commercial purposes. No credit for me and most certainly no money. Yay…

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