And now it’s time for the other tower

Any visitor to Zagreb will know the the main cathedral as it towers over all of the city. What most will know is that the eastern tower has been under renovation for years. I have a photo of scaffolding back in 2004 and I suspect that it was happening long before then. With my most recent visit, I was curious to see if the work was still being done. As it turns out, it’s not. They’ve now moved on the the western tower that you see in the photo above on the right. Seems that this church will be forever under construction.

Beyond seeing it sans-crane, my real goal some day is to actually go up in one of those towers for the view. I have no idea how you go about this and asking the priest during mass really pissed him off for some reason. I assume it was the camera, shorts, and bag of pornography I’d just picked up. Probably shouldn’t have taken those in to a church now that I think about it.