And… Mercat del Born opens

Photo by Hudin

After years of construction and millions of euros spent on said construction, the Mercat del Born has finally opened. As a neighbor, I was invited to see the dress rehearsal of the “auca” which was basically a short, one hour play they set in the ruins about life leading up to the Siege of Barcelona. It reconfirmed that the US (outside of NYC) doesn’t give a damn about performing arts in general as this was a small performance with a limited run that was still produced in an exceedingly professional manner.

The market is wonderful inside and out with the meticulous reconstruction efforts showing through. I even love the new Moritz bar, at least currently. Naturally, my only misgivings were about what happened around the market, which were outlined in this article. The other neighbors are a mixed bag on this subject and currently, the balconies of my neighborhood look like a collection of awesome art project, independence, and nosebleed rags

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  1. Thanks for the more detailed description of what is going on. You seem to be living in an exciting place right now, too bad it costs so much. I am glad the construction has ended, I am sure that makes things nice for both of you.

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