An Unfortunate Billboard

For those that don’t take the East Bay Bart line, you’re really missing out on a laughable billboard you see right when you come out of the tunnel from 19th street in Oakland. Basically, it’s for this company called “Harris Ranch” and it has a boy (the son I would assume) with a sign that says, “We’re hungry”, and then a guy (the father I would assume) with a sign that says, “Come home soon”, and then a girl (the daughter I would assume) with a sign that says, “Bring Harris Ranch”.
At first glance it seems rather innocent. But seeing as how I’ve seen it every day for the last couple of months, I’ve had way more time than I ever wanted to have to think about it and as I did, I realized that it’s rather typical of marketing currently, in that ever since Bush took office, there has been a reversion back to the roll of the woman as the homemaker. What I find particularly annoying about this is that her dumb ass husband is sitting there basically waiting to starve because he’s unable to cook or do anything useful except write signs for Harris Ranch.
Further reading in to this would point to the fact that the woman is also the one with the job. The husband is sitting there, not looking like he just got off of work, but rather lounging around like a loser. And then I suppose that this is all really sad because the behavior of these two adults is being passed on in the exact same gender roles to their children.
Like I said, I’ve had way too much time to read in to this and I find it a revolting advertisement. But, I think what could make it better would be to lose the son, because he’s a dopey, whiny little brat that I despised when I first saw this. Then, swap out the father for the mother. That way, if you’re going to stick with traditional gender roles, at least the father is working while the mother tends home. Or better yet, keep it in sync with the Bay Area and give her a look that says, she just got off of work and can’t be bothered to cook dinner, so pick up some of this Harris Ranch crap (which is now available in seven states, woo hoo.) That would be the best ad for this area. No one cooks. They only buy prepared food and they have one precocious kid who is going to grow up to be an attention whore.
Okay, so it’s obvious I need to cut my Bart commute out of my life and thankfully, this will happen at the end of next week. Then, no more Harris Ranch and the musings of how in addition to not being able to make anything here anymore, we outsource dinner as well.