An Open Letter to the DNC

Dear Democratic National Comittee,
You are pathetic. You are a worthless group. I hope that you understand the only reason that I vote along your party lines is because you are the only choice to a group that I consider to be completely evil and also known as, The Republicans.
The fact that John Kerry was your best candidate blows my mind. Here’s this stiff, boring (yes, he bored me even though I voted for him) and just plain uninteresting guy that no one really knew about and this is who you put against down-home shucking and jiving asswipe George W. Bush. It’s sad, really sad. Why you didn’t run a more radical opponent against Bush is beyond me, since there were so many of us that voted in the Anybody But Bush category that it really could have been anybody.
I ultimately don’t blame the Republicans. They do what they do because that’s their constituency. There will always be a politcal party that supports the corporations of the world due to the amount of money in them. There will most likely always need to be a political party that represents all the religious nut jobs out there as well. The fact that the old Elephant has managed to roll these two groups and others in to one is simply amazing. They’re brilliant at what they do and you, the DNC are an ass for not doing it better.
Maybe it’s time to start from the ground up and really work on getting back some governorships and seats in Congress. Getting ahold of the presidency appears to be too hard for you to do, so maybe it’s time to stop spending so much money on it.
I mean, honestly, the fact you can’t get a guy out of office that is anti-abortion, yet has killed around 100,000 people in an unprovoked attack on their country and has also managed to kill over 1,100 of our people in the process is just dumb. The economy sucks as well and you couldn’t get this guy out. You had everything in your favor and you couldn’t oust him. I was saying long before the election that if you couldn’t do that, then you should just hang it up as a political party. While it’s obvious that you haven’t done that, it’s also obvious that the people of the USA have done it for you.
Get your act together and form some goddamned opposition, instead of being the complacent group of nothingness that you have become!