An Odd End to ‘Freedom’

I started Berkeley in the Spring of 1999, so I didn’t see the Naked Guy in person, as he was expelled in 1993. But, he was pretty legendary. There were even references to him in films like PCU. He also spawned a bunch of idiotic followers who decided that being clothed is too much of “the man” controlling you. For those who don’t know, Berkeley is not a warm climate. While not the same as nearby San Francisco, it can certainly be chilly with the fog rolling past the Golden Gate to shroud it in damp, dark days.
Going nude there doesn’t show how you’re against the system. It shows that you have no concept of the basic human knowledge of cold. I would say that it also alludes to you having no concept of what it means to not be an ass. As opposed to the Europeans who have no problem laying out in the sun in the Med and letting it all hang out not matter what size they may be. I respect that lack of shame. I did not respect the Naked Guy.
Well, it turns out the Naked Guy is dead. It seems his life didn’t go anywhere good after Berkeley kicked him out. In fact, it appears that it got quite, quite bad with the article saying that he committed suicide. Despite my feelings on his “statement” when he was at Cal, I do feel pretty bad for the guy. Killing yourself in prison while awaiting trial on serious charges is a pretty bad way to go. While I wished his whole nudeness thing would have died the short death it should have, I never would have wished this on the poor fellow. Hopefully he’s somewhere in a naked heaven where everyone is happy and frolicking to and fro. And no, I’m not talking about Ibiza.