An Interesting Panel

Last night, I had the opportunity to watch a great gathering of three strong voices in the liberal community, namely: Al Franken, Paul Krugman, and Kevin Phillips. These are all writers who have written some very good works that criticize and point out the evils of the Bush Industry at large.
All in all, it was a lively discussion in Berkeley. The only unfortunate bit was this woman named Amy Goodman who spoke in a pinched nasal tone and I guess she’s on the public radio over there. She got up in first off and gave this very long preamble that seemed to go on forever with little interest to it. She seemed to think that people were actually there to hear her, when she’s on the radio every day or whatever and you can hear her whine for free. Well, I don’t know about everyone else, but I was there for those three gents, that’s why I spent $15 for the night.
It was funny though, since who should have been the funniest of the guys, was probably the least funny. Franken was not that great. He said some good points, but overall wasn’t that entertaining. I can see why he’s more of a writer than anything else.
Krugman was great. He had fantastic points and you could see the old college professor coming forth when he was at the podium. Admittedly I already knew most of what he was going to say, since I’ve read his book, but it was still good to hear him.
Phillips was someone who I was unfamiliar with, but he also had a lot of good points and outlined all the scandal that surrounds the Bush family. His book talks about the dynastic qualities of this family and it’s amazing how they’ve come to power despite being some of the worst and most crooked people ever to grace the face of public servitude, which I might add is what the completely do not do as they are only watching out for their own self-serving interests.
Good night though. Charges you with a lot of liberal angst, which will hopefully make people go out and do more.