Amtrak Customer Service

As I’m headed out of town this weekend, I had to go down to my local, lovely, Amtrak office to pick up some train tickets. Many people might be thinking, “Amtrak, in San Francisco? Where does the train go over the water?” The big trick is that it doesn’t and the only trains that come to SF are the Bart and Caltrain. So, as that is the case and you actually take a bus to connect with Emeryville, the station just sits there on the Embarcadero, looking rather forelorn. Well, it’s really not that bad since they have a view of the Bay, Bay Bridge, and the Ferry Building. It’s a pretty logical spot given that there are so many connections right here. Even with all these lovely surroundings though, the people at the counter flat out suck.
I’ve waited in lines at UC Berkeley where I’m ignored and just stand there while someone needs to finish up their coffee break or finish up their 10 minutes conversation about some reality TV show they saw the night before. I’ve waited at the DMV where people can’t quite figure things out and this great equalizer of American life makes us all have to bide our time. But I’ve never had it be the case where I’m talking to the ticket agent and she looks over at the woman next to hear and starts talking about what she’s going to do after work. I just sat there, dumfounded in the fact that in her pea-sized mind, I was suddenly not there. I can’t even figure out how such a lack of caring can come about. This isn’t even not giving a damn. This is puttin’ it to you with a chisel that you don’t matter.
In general, I’ve never found those that work in this office to be too pleasant, but this was the first case where if the agent could get away with it, she would have dropped a fridge on my toe just… well, just because. I guess I gots to get used to it because this stuff happens and I thought I had, but man, she hit one right over the fence and into the water with this shot. Back to ordering on the web again for me.