American Coins are a Bit Lame

I realized something kind of dumb about the coins we use here in the US. It was when I was telling a guest who was staying with me some time back about how much change she’d need for the bus.
“Oh yeah, six quarters.”
“Which one is the quarter?”
“You know, the one that’s 25 cents.”
“No, I don’t know which one that is. None of them say this amount.”
It was then that I looked at the quarter and all of the change to discover something I should have already known in that we don’t stamp any kind of numerical denomination on our coins. That’s nuts! Especially when you toss in the fact that the nickel and the penny are both bigger than the dime. It must take those who visit from out of the country a couple of days to get used to this screwy system.
It must also be frustrating for people considering that the Euro coins are so much smarter. They go up in size as the denominations get larger and the texture around the edges change so that people who are blind know which coin they have. Obviously due to all the languages spoken in the EU, the amount of the coin is then just a number stamped on, not a word. And then of course there is the one and two Euro coins which are fantastic and something we really need to convert over to as the one dollar bill is somewhat worthless in the big scheme of things these days.