is Irksome and Cheeky

I dread buying from Amazon. What started out as a pioneer in internet sales, has slowly turned in to a megalithic company with a CEO having as high a monkey quotient as Steve Ballmer and customer service as squalid as my cellphone provider.
Beyond everything else that they do and the fact that despite multiple redesigns, their site is still pretty ugly, it’s the fact that they delay shipments that really drives me crazy. How is it that a product with immediate availability takes a week to ship? Simple, they want you to actually pay for shipping, as opposed to using their Super Saver Shipping. So, instead of just having one option for shipping where you pay for your order and they ship it out in the order received, you get all these other options. It’s somewhat like sales tax in this country, where the final price isn’t the final price if you want to get what you were expecting.
Somehow people tolerate this as Amazon is still around and Jeff Bezos has an ever more smirking grin as time goes on. I happen to not be one of these people that tolerates this and so I just use Amazon and don’t buy from Amazon. I encourage everyone to do the same wherein you browse for something, read the reviews and then buy it at a more ethical store. For instance, browsing for books and then ordering them from a bookstore like Stacey’s here in San Francisco which is local and fantastic. Doing this benefits you (although should be taken with a grain of salt overall) and wastes Amazon’s servers and bandwidth.
Of course where Amazon gets even is that they’ll sometimes be the only place I can get something, which is providing the dilemma that I’m in now where I ordered on the 4th and will hopefully get it shipped out on the 11th. It is true that I could get this product (a really well-built electric razor) elsewhere, but that meant getting it from Canada just like I have to do with the Freytag and Berndt maps that I so dearly love. But, given the amount of time I’m waiting, I suspect that Amazon may just be drop shipping it to me from Canada. Those cheeky bastards…

As was reported on 2-10-2008, Amazon has gotten so bad that they can’t even abide by their mistakes. Unbelievable as there are soooo many other up and coming retailers to knock them down. is Irksome and Cheeky