All Jane Kim united was corruption and “hotness”

Jane Kim, the supervisor-elect for District 6 in San Francisco is not a unifier. Sure, this article heaps all kinds of praise upon the 33 year-old for her win. Oh, but she’s the first Korean American to be elected. So what? If I won, would people go bandying about the fact that I was [probably] the first Croatian American to win? No, because in addition to being a white male, I’m not qualified to be a supervisor in San Francisco and neither is Jane Kim.

Sure, she was the president of the board of education and a “community organizer”, that most lovely of buzzwords that’s come about post-Obama win. But really, this is meaningless. She didn’t have the hard-hitting experience needed to serve in an office with some very large responsibility that pays $96,000 a year. You can see this in the fact that she was only ahead in the first round of voting by 940 votes. You see the second place candidate in there? That is one Debra Walker who actually should have won were it not for the fact that she fell out of favor with Randy Shaw (lives in Berkeley, proselytizes in San Francisco) and his Tenderloin Housing Clinic machine. It appears that if you do that, you will not win District 6 in San Francisco as the homeless industry controls a great deal of who gets what vote. Randy was even seen parading Jane around the district and essentially endorsing her despite the fact that as the Executive Director of a non-profit he and his organization cannot legally endorse any person or measure in a political campaign.

But, it wasn’t just Randy getting behind Jane. She also had a few other things going in her favor. The least of which was the fact that she hides so much of herself from public view. It wasn’t until a week before the actual vote that she finally revealed which year she was born in whereas every other candidate listed it when they filed to be on the ballot. She also doesn’t really ever talk about where she lives which is, the Mission. Yes, that’s where she found a home just in time to register as she was actually shopping around for a district prior to running for District 6. In addition to her lack of qualifications, she has no ties to the area either, except that Randy Shaw wanted her to win.

But the real element that played in to things was what I term the “dick vote”. If you were to ask any guy what he thought of Jane Kim prior to the election, he’d say, “Who?” Show that same guy a picture and he’d then say, “Wow, she’s hot.” Now, translating physical appeal in to votes may seem like a large stretch, except for the fact that Jane is Asian (of Korean descent to be specific). White American men have an indefatigable fetish for Asian women. A friend of mine is single, Asian, and trying to date via online means only to come face to face with all of this. It’s rather sordid, but it’s a fact. Jane isn’t even that hot. Attractive, yes, but it doesn’t really matter as she’s Asian and white men love them some Asian girls.

But there’s something to note in all of this in that if Jane were actually a white blond girl, she wouldn’t have gotten elected. It’s the ethnicity combined with the perceived hotness that was key as Asians are stereotyped as being intelligent and hardworking so that was never a question as it would have been for attractive women of other races. So, any straight, white male in District 6 was presented with candidates that comprised a slew of gay men, a transsexual woman, a lesbian, and then the “hot” Asian girl who is obviously smart as she’s Asian and well, it’s just an assumed given.

So, in the end, Jane didn’t unite a damned thing except to get the backing of the rancid homeless industry that has enveloped the Tenderloin, which in turn spawned an ethics probe. Then she just kind of stood around, being this vacant Asian chick that played well in her collecting a great many votes because of it. It’s pretty much all a moot point as she did end up unfortunately getting elected, which will do nothing to help out all the progress and development that’s been happening in the District 6 area. One can only hope that she turns on those who got her in to office, much like David Chiu did. After all, they were former roommates which means that politics does not always spawn the strangest of bedfellows.