All your streets are belong to Goog

Two weeks back, I visited Poboleda in the Priorat region of Catalonia in order to profile Genium for an upcoming Vinologue enotourism guide. We like to include GPS coordinates as street addresses in rural areas can be “cranky”. So, just to make sure that I was putting the pin in the right spot, I checked out Carrer Nou in Poboleda to discover that apparently Google catalogs the entire southern half of the village to be full of Carrer Nou (essentially “the new street” in Catalan).

While it is true that Apple brought on the “mapocalypse“, with their worthless substitute for Google Maps, the Big G has also been quietly making their own shit maps, especially in Catalonia. So, to answer future map roshambo showdowns: web beats app, but paper beats web–still.