All hail the Urine Rockets

Photo by Hudin

There is a certain point one reaches while living in San Francisco wherein you’re walking along and you encounter a person shitting between two parked cars. Besides realizing that you’re going to save all kinds of money on not having to eat your next meal(s) you realize that the US in general does quite poorly in dealing with the bodily waste that we humans produce. And by poorly, I mean that there is the general belief that we don’t produce any bodily waste and thus nothing needs to be done about it.

This is in sharp contrast to what you find all over Europe where the humans here realized a long time ago that human waste wasn’t going anywhere and wasn’t good for anyone whether it be the royalty or the peasantry. The powers that be know something must be done with it and if you don’t do something proactively about it, people will get all San Francisco about it and go behind a car.

It was during the Festes de Gràcia (check it out if you’re in Barcelona then) that I saw all this proactivity in action. Sure, there were portable toilets, but the installation that made the most sense where what I deem to be the “urine rockets”. They’re these towers that can accommodate four guys (or very adventurous/drunk ladies) just for taking a piss. It’s genius because we dudes will let it go wherever when we need to go and this way controls it and I’m assuming, potentially store it for making copper patina down the road.

In the more northern countries of Europe, they even take it a step further with permanent urine rocket installations in party zones. It must greatly cut down on the urine content in the storm drains and makes for a much more pleasing uncivilized world.