Just-a-Band makes for proper purchases

The vast majority of anyone reading this has either tried out or downright downloaded torrent files to get music or movies. Hell, it’s one of the only ways to get your hands on a lot of things in Africa as actually buying CDs or going to movie theaters can be pretty difficult in many parts of the continent. Then of course there is the free factor which is appealing to pretty much every cross-section of society.

Naturally, there comes a time when you realize though that when it comes to music, you’ll listen to a good chunk of an album and think, “Man, this isn’t some O-zone, Dragostea tin dei one-hit wonder garbage, this is a real album!” Such was the case with Just-a-Band.

This Kenyan trio has done what few are doing these days in that they’ve produced an entire album of worthy songs. They’re also known for having started the Makmende meme that ran the internetz for awhile.

But seriously, I’m of the opinion that some of the only good music (and consequently albums) are coming out of Africa these days. While the Zouglou style of pop causes me convulsions due to everyone in a group playing the melody and the beat the exact freakin’ same for every song, there are the groups and artists like Just-a-Band, Nneka, and K’naan making some very, very nice recordings that I’m happy to pay for. I recognize that there was some craft that went in to them and I feel like I’m getting my money’s worth.

So, here’s to Just-a-Band and what I’ve started deeming, “purchase worthy”. A new dawn has arrived for me in the realm of digital music.