Ah, The Annual Election

Yes, here we are again, having an election. It’s not much of a surprise as we have had one every year in California for about as long as I can remember. Obviously, this year is extra special because not only is is a Leap Year, but we get the honor of two elections: one today and then our winner take all presidential election in November.
It’s good that we are such an active democracy, but in reality, could we kinda compact these things in to one election every other year? I miss those days as do a lot of people it seems, since up until now, voter turnout has been pretty poor. Of course, the most pathetic election was the special election called by Schwarzenegger two years back that ultimately gave him a whopping good political spanking (which then allowed him to get re-elected in a “real” election) but at the same time cost the state millions of dollars to put on. Who needs universal health care when you can have elections, eh?
But, such as it is and people just keep having their elections each year. Being the good citizen that I am, I keep going to vote. This year, people are of course fired up due to there being no incumbent which hasn’t happened in some 50 years or so. In the end though, I don’t see it effecting the ultimate conclusion of the race. Bush and the Republicans did such an amazingly good job in handing the 2008 race to the Dems that if they don’t win, they should close up shop as a party and the Greens get in there. It doesn’t matter that Cheney isn’t running
In some ways, I envy the Republican voters. They actually have a choice at this point between candidates who are actually different. For we who vote the Democratic Party, if you look at Clinton and Obama, there is almost no difference in their platforms. Their debates are like listening to someone try to tell you how last night’s lasagna differs so greatly from the same lasagna reheated the next day. Ultimately, it appears that we get to choose being the white woman and the black man (take a look at that link, it’s a great article.) Honestly, I’m happy with either choice as they’d be such a great chance from the bible thumping hick that we currently salute. It took me a long time to choose who to vote for in the primary, but I ultimately went for Obama as he’s a fresh voice in politics, albeit one we know little about. If Hilary gets the nomination, I’ll still be happy to vote for her, just not as happy as the women my mother’s age who will be happy to see “hunk o’love”, Bill back in the White House, even if just in the roll of First Man. I’m still waiting for this onion article to come true somehow.