Ah Setrill. How did I live without you?

For those who think they have a complete kitchen, get buggered, because unless you have a Setrill, your kitchen is far from complete. Most of us in the US are convinced that when it comes to pouring oil, this fellow is all you need. This is far from the case. While the tall dispenser is fine for lathering a pan in oil, it’s not a refined pouring implement. You get a bit of a glug of oil at a time and when it come to making Pa amb tomàquet with this dispenser and it does more harm than good. You know how all the famous TV chefs out there cover half the tip of one of these things to control it better? That’s because they’re trying to emulate the Setrill and it’s vast pouring superiority.
While the Setrill may be a funny shape and exist in a format where no two look alike (they’re hand blown glass), they give you all the control in oil that you could want. To be honest, I don’t know how I lived without one before. Hell, even chefs, like Daniel Olivella at B44 and the new Barlata recommend picking one up in Spain. I’ll let you in on a little secret in that department: they’re a pain in the ass to bring back without breaking and you can buy them in the US at places like Cole Hardware on Polk for the same or less than you would in Spain. Cole Hardware carries ones that were actually made in Spain and it makes life a lot easier.
Oh and if you’re thinking that the traditional type is a bit too funky for your tastes, there are more modern ones such as this or in a matched set with a Vinagrera like this. Just don’t like like what one of my family members who shall not be mentioned did and buy something like this for oil. That’s for balsamic vinegar. It doesn’t pour right to be used as a Setrill and that’s what it comes down to; having a nice dispenser to lay down the perfect bead of olive oil on whatever it is that you’re rightly makin’ mo better with the oil.
Ah Setrill.  How did I live without you?