Ah, Casting an Independent Film

I’m now in the midst of getting ready to shoot my film and that means that I’m doing casting, which is something of a thankless chore. Lemme break it down how it works. Basically, you put the word out. In this day and age, for people with little to no budget like me, that means using websites, so as to avoid agents who will charge you and or their client for simply being a go-between. Once you get the word out, typically a flood of headshots and (hopefully) resumes come in. At this point, I have over 300 for about 15 roles. Ovbviously, right off the bat, a good number of them are going to be totally wrong. Wrong in that, there is no resume, or no contact number, or no shot of their face, or any number of screwy things. There are professional standards when it comes to paying, big budget roles, but for little things like my film, it’s a free for all.
Luckily, I don’t have to deal with as much paper as there used to be in this industry. Headshots are expensive for people and it’s nice to know that they don’t have to send out a $5 picture everytime they try to audition, which is probably a couple hundred times a year. But, with these digital shots and digital submitting comes a scary sense of freedom, which allows people to send all manner of things. This one girl sent me, in addition to a decent headshot, a picture just of her body in a bikini (no face included) and then a very lovely shot of just her ass in said bikini. Admittedly it’s a nice ass and all, but it’s making realize I probably should have put in the audition listing “Director is happily involved in a monogomous relationship and seeks no outside companionship.”
The crazy thing about all of this will be the actual audition, because then the safety of digital anonymity goes away and you’re faced with a large group of people that you’ll have to reject a large part of. This will be the next step, which I’ll be starting tomorrow and it’s always interesting to see how it goes, since talent in these searches range from “Dear god, please make them stop talking…” to “Yes! Yes! You’re brilliant. Please work on my movie before someone with scads of money picks you up.”
Ergh, I hear my email chirping which means more headshots. Maybe for my girlfriend’s piece of mind, some guy will send in a shot of his ass in a thong today…