Adolph Gasser Camera is pretty lousy

In addition to having problem one of the worst websites out there, Adolph Gasser Camera on 2nd Street in San Francisco is staffed with some of the most unhelpful people I’ve ever encountered. In all fairness, their rental people are pretty decent and I guess that this must be where most of their business is. But the guys in sales are something else. I’ve had two pretty bad experiences in the last six months that will make me probably never go there again.
The first was when I was buying a new camcorder. I figured, what the hey, let’s give some local guys a chance before I order online. So, I went in to them. I asked the salesguy about the mondel I was looking in to, which is a Sony PDX10. He said that while he was kinda familiar with the camera, he didn’t know much about it since it was so new. So new? It had been out for 10 months! If I were in his job, I’d know about every new camera as soon as it came out. These guys do get visited by dealer reps all the time, so they should be up on this stuff. I asked him if he could order it and he said he wasn’t sure. That’s a pretty funny comment, since it says on a big banner behind the counter “Authorized Sony Dealer.” So, anyways, I gave up, and bought it online for probably $1000 less than what that guy could have gotten it for if he cared to look it up.
Just the other day I was in there, looking for a rubber shockmount for my microphone. There were two. They were behind a case and I managed to get one of the guys to dislodge his ass from his chair and open up the case. Once he did, I saw that they weren’t going to be the right size for my boom pole. Once again, asking if I could order the right one, I got a bovine look. Okay, I admit it would have only been a $50 purchase, but that’s something when the economy ain’t that amazing. Needless to say, I gave up and am in the process of finding it elsewhere.
When you tie into all of this the fact that they towed my car (when I still had it) from their lot while I was in their store asking about rental prices, you get a pretty unspectacular shopping experience.
I guess if you’re a student and want some stuff cheaply to rent, they might be decent. Otherwise, they’re just a lousy setup. I’m amazed that they’re able to stay in business.