ACT – “Sexual Perversion”

The current play at ACT, “Sexual Perversity in Chicago” is a waste of money. First, it just isn’t a good play. Well, that’s not true, the play itself is great. It’s a Mamet work that’s funny, quick, and witty. Reading the play would probably be great fun. As a performance by ACT, it slogs. The pace is uneven. The acting is somewhat stilted at times (actors forgetting lines for instance.) And it just seems rushed and blustery.
A lot of people may like it because it’s “edgy” or is all about “sex”, but it really isn’t, at least for my generation’s appeal. Some of the lines fall flat and you don’t know if it’s an emotional moment or supposed to be funny. Not really the right thing to have happen in a play.
I’d have to say that as a film the way that ACT has performed it would work a lot better. The speed would be good and things like dropped lines could be ironed out. Also, some chemistry between the characters might even exist and they wouldn’t come across as a group of strangers who have never rehearsed together. It’s like the folks putting it on have thought it out to death and any sense of life has been stripped from it.
On another note, it’s only a little over an hour long. Most people in the audience didn’t know if it was time to leave when it was actually time to leave. Here’s the catch though; they’re charging the same price for tickets! Honestly, save your money for something else.