A Walmart Free Diet

I live in a small northern California town in the Sacramento valley. For those of you in bigger cities, with populations over 15,000, it is not too difficult to avoid shopping at this gigantic chain. Unfortunately, for those of us in the small towns Walmart targets, buying at other stores often is just not possible.
One case in point, women’s socks. Easy to buy, generic black socks to wear to work. In our town there is nowhere else to buy these. Yes, I can drive 30 miles to a larger town and find them in many stores. But when the big life-sucking beast came to our town many of the smaller chains just closed, like JC Penny’s. I used to buy socks at our very small Penny’s. So now I keep a list of all the necessities I need and then drive once a month, or less, to the other town. I make a concerted effort to avoid Walmart, and so far I have managed to drive by it for two years. So many of my friends say they just buy a few things there and it is so cheap. Music to corporate ears.
The CEO’s are so clever with a small town such as mind in that every now and then they donate to a local cause. There is always a picture in the local paper and people see how generous they are. A minuscule price to pay for all the money they drain from this small community. The only way to stop this giant is to not buy from them, I have been on a one woman campaign and hopefully this message will reach out to more of you who think you have no choice. As Walmart profits keep going up our whole economy is sliding farther in to a trade deficit, so this company effects every American. Please consider another store, especially one that treats their workers better and does not use what amounts to slave labor in other countries. Thanks.