A Toyota Prius Review

I had the opportunity to rent one of the much to-do Hybrid cars the other weekend and drive it about for a bit. Overall, it seems like a good car and the average of 46 miles per gallon was quite nice. But, there are some things that I really liked and some I really didn’t.
First off with the really likes, which mainly revolve aroudn the comfort of the ride. It’s an extremely smooth car to drive. You don’t feel bumps in the road and it handles the road quite well. Of course, I don’t means that the nadling of the car is amazing, but it does allow you to cruise in ease. It’s pretty obvious that the car was designed with the intention that someone who was driving this would have their butt firmly planted in the seat a lot. And on that note, the seats were quite nice. Cupholders were abound and the stereo is very goos, if not a bit cumbersome to figure out at first.
The cargo space is fantastic. With the fold down seats and rear deck hatchback you can load anything in the world in there! It was easy to deal with, as I hauled a shelf that was quite large back from the land of IKEA.
Now, here’s what I don’t like. First off, I’m not crazy about the look. They did indeed make the car look different, but it looks like the took the chassis of the lousy Echo line and grafted the Prius on to it, since it has that some smooshed look of the Echo which I’ve never liked.
The controls are a bit awkard. There’s the control pnael touchscreen thing where it seems like you can do everything, but that’s just not the case. It’s also rathe rdistracting, since using it requires taking your eyes from the road. And, for all the readouts and everything that you get, there’s no GPS! Maybe that’s an option on the more expensive model, but it sure wasn’t there for mine.
I’m not sure if there was something funky with the tuning on my car, but I could really feel the combustion engine shut on and off and the electric engine engage and disengage. It was rather weird, since it seemed like the car would die at some points, since there would be no noise from it, but I’m sure that’s something you get used to in time. But still, the way the two engines interact with each other takes quite some time to get used to, especially if you’re trying to do quick accelearations.
So, overall a good car. Seems like something of a midway point on the road to non-gasoline based cars though. If you do a lot of driving, it’s worth a look. If you’re looking to make the leap into eco-friendly, I might hang on another year or two.