A toilet without a proper seat is no toilet at all

A toilet without a proper seat is no toilet at all

Word had come down prior to arrival in Côte d’Ivoire that the seat on the toilet in the house that #1 Fan had rented was less than optimal. Replacement was not going to be easy as the only seats you can get in the smallish town of Abengourou are all the same thin, cheap, plastic seats that stick to you when you’re hot and don’t support you when you’re sitting. This was not going to do for my half a year stay.

So, given that I had 46kgs of space that I wasn’t really sure what to do with, I decided to pick up a $15 toilet seat at Home Depot and actually bring it with me. Preposterous sounding, perhaps, but if you’ve never dealt with one of these skinny pieces of junk, then you don’t know just how bad it could be. Oh yeah, on top of the construction of the seat, it was an oval seat for a round toilet. I think in the US, there would have been a lawsuit over this.

On my first night of arrival, out of the suitcase I produced a proper round seat. In removing the old seat and thoroughly cleaning everything, I saw that yes, this was going to be a perfect fit. Ah, but there is just one thing as it appears in the US, 14cm bolt centers on the seat are used whereas here, it’s 16cm. Now, I could have just tried to smash it in to place and hope for the best. Well, actually I did try that initially, but it was pretty bad. Ultimately, I ended up unscrewing the hinges and moving them 1cm out on each side. The result of which you see below and while it isn’t pretty, it makes for a proper seat, as well as 2kg of extra space in my bag for the trip back at the end of June.

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