A Study of the Geek

Something I’ve found out in recent years has been that there is an overlap of Star Wars & Star Trek fans and being one doesn’t make you the other.
While the cases are rare, there are Star Wars fans out there that aren’t in to Star Trek. I have friends from childhod like this that seem to see Star Wars as something of an action/adventure film that takes place in space. All of the stuff from the Star Trek brand is too slow and intellectual (in the geek way, not the though provoking way) at times. Although maybe those aren’t the right words for it, it is true that Star Trek tends to deal more with social issues and proving some kind of point in the end, whereas Star Wars is all about good beating evil in a way that anyone can enjoy.
Take for instance the first films of the Star Trek & Star Wars series. Star Wars: A New Hope (naturally I’m not talking about that Jar Jar bag of crap called Episode One) is a romping good time. A space cowboy adventure. Star Trek on the other hand is this slow plodding move through outer space in search of VGER. It deals with the complications of man’s quest for knowledge and how all-consuming that becomes. Taking the fact you may be on acid while watching Star Trek I out of the equation, what seems more enjoyable; space cowboys or a scantilly clad supermodel with a bald head walking around an uber-80’s spaceship talking to Kirk, Stealer of all Scenes? If you’re a sci-fi geek, it doesn’t matter, but if you enjoy a good film, you’re going to choose the first. If you’re just a pervert, then probably aren’t watching any of this and just have Return of the Jedi looping over the scenes with Leah in her slavegirl outfit.
To me, I don’t really care one way or the other. I’m a bit of a sucker for anything that has laser crap firing in it at people or people in bad costumes. Hell, I think The Forbidden Planet is one of the best science fiction films ever made and it’s got some serious cheese in it. This is why I’m more in the camp of Star Trek fans. I guess I’m a “trekkie” or “trekker” (whatever the hell the difference is, I can’t remember) but I will not ever step foot in a convention. Those things are just too weird for me. I enjoy the series for what it is and like the craft with which a an imaginary world of the future has been created through film and television. But, there I go again with this brainy, thinking thing that sometimes makes me believe a movie is better than it actually is. But that’s somewhat how it is, as I think that every Star Trek fan will also enjoy Star Wars just as much.
I suppose in the end it comes down to those who flat out like science fiction as opposed to those who just like a good film. Luckily for us, Star Wars is both of those. Star Trek is always the first, but not always the second, with the even numbered films being much better than the odd numbered films, with the exception of Star Trek X:Nemesis which was pretty much dung on all counts.