A Special Performance

So, finally, I’m getting to what I meant to write about on Monday. I guess I was putting it off since I didn’t have any amazing photos from it and I’m realizing that I’m such a photo geek now, I have to bring my damned camera with me everywhere I go. Not the end of the world, but definitely another gadget to sling on my belt.
Anyways, what I saw was a flamenco performance that was a bit of the Flamenco Academy and a bit of professional dancers all showing their stuff at the ODC Theater down in the Mission. Great show overall. I’m impressed with the talent around here and it reinforces the fact that dance in San Francisco is a force to be reckoned with. And now you can see why I wish I had brought my camera. Dancers dancing sexily makes for good images.
I had never really seen that much flamenco before and really got a head-first dive in to it with the broad range of this program. I don’t know that I can really compare it to anything else, as it’s really its own dance form and that’s good to see.
About the only criticism I had of the evening was that I wish the music (specifically the singer) was a bit more quiet so I could hear the shoes of the dancers of all things. The percussive sounds they make are really part of the show and it was frustrating not to hear them sometimes. Oh, the other thing, um… ODC, maybe you could have one or two more bathrooms? There’s no way for that many people to get through there during intermission and the Jarritos I downed at Pancho Villa before the show was merciless. Merciless and unending…