A slow, gradual worship is fine, Figueres

While meandering around the internet, I came across the Wikitravel page for Figueres, where I happen to be at the moment. For some odd reason (I’m assuming the American background) I always feel compelled to update, correct, or add to Wikipedia articles. This is especially the case on Wikitravel articles as I often find things in there that are so ridiculously incorrect, racist, ignorant, or just spamful that it drives me nuts.
The page for Figueres only had one spammy link and it was okay overall. But, the page was really out of date, a lot of the code was quite broken and the article on this small, nice town was really focused on the Dalí Theater in town. Admittedly, it’s the largest reason why people visit the town. Kind of a double edged sword in that it brings in a lot of foot traffic, but they’re often the most dreaded of tourist: the beach tourist.
That all being what it may, I’ve spent a lot time in this town and I know that there is a good deal more to it than all things Dalí. I realize that most people don’t really give a rat’s ass, but at the same time, for the minority that may, I wanted it to be known. It also gave me a chance to really dig in to editing a Wikipedia article in detail which was good practice, since it is quite different from regular HTML as well as liable to get “edited” by those with their own agenda.
You can view the article before I started with it here which was last touched nine months ago. As you can see, someone dumped a lot of HTML in to the page, which is a no-no in WikiLand. The photos were also just kinda plunked in there. The Eat section didn’t really mention anything that was specific to Figueres (really, Chinese food in Catalonia?) A great number of sections had absolutely no content, including how on earth to actually get to Figueres in detail.
After seeing all this, I went apeshit and added in just about everything I know from the town and a lot of my photos. You can see the currently finished product, here. I think it’s a lot more appealing and hopefully others will as well. Yes, there still is a lot on Dalí, but there is information on other things as well, such as the castle, the Rambla, restaurants that are actually Catalan, and a number of local shops. Naturally, I expanded the hell out of the wine section, since that’s really quite good stuff around here.
At this point, most people would see any future edits to this page to be disastrous. I did indeed spend about two days working on this, but as for edits, I welcome them. The beauty of Wikipedia is that it drags people in. Someone might see this and go, “What? He didn’t list that restaurant?” and then go and add it. It might also call others to create another language translation of the page since there is more of a source to start with. Basically, having information calls for more information to be added and so I hope that this page will expand even more than it has already.
Now, I’m just waiting to see how much of this gets ripped off by a Lonely Planet author or one of the rest of their ilk. This information is based on months of being in the town. For those authors, they would probably spend at most 2-3 days here and pick up what they felt was adequate, which in reality, isn’t. So, be wary if the Figueres section suddenly gets a large expansion in the next LP or Rough Guide for Catalonia/Spain. You know where it came from!