A Slip in to Laziness

It always starts out with good intentions. Everyone in my building, fresh to the excitement of moving in, will bound up the stairs in the belief that they’re getting a good dose of exercise. Up and down they go. Six flights of stairs? Who cares? They don’t want to take the elevator because that is just so lazy and they need to get some activity.
But then it happens. Maybe it’s just the influence that I have. Maybe it’s just the fact that after a long day of work, running up all those stairs gets old. Whatever the case, one by one, they start to drop like flies. First they just take the elevator down. Then they take the elevator up when they’re carrying something. Then if it’s just a quick ride to check the mail and back, they’ll take the elevator. It doesn’t matter though because soon everyone takes the elevator all the time.
And they should, since they thing is getting pretty long in the tooth (about 80 years old or so) and it’s probably going to be out of service for a good long time and everyone will get all the stairs that they need. I for one never had any issue with taking the lift. I love it. It reminds me of the kind of thing you see if old European buildings and for some odd reason, I always wanted to live in a building with an elevator like that.