A Review of Why We Fight

Why We Fight was released in 2005, but I never got around to watching it. Like many films that have been fueled by the out of control, raging American War Machine, it’s not the cheeriest of things to watch. But it is a good watch. I think that overall, for any liberally-minded American who keeps up with what is really going on and understands that this fight in the name of “freedom” is anything but, this film will rehash a lot of things that the viewer has already seen or known. For instance, there’s one scene in an Iraq hospital with a child that I swear was in Michael Moore’s Fareneheit 9/11.
For somehow who doesn’t know about what’s happening, this film is a great watch. It’s very evenhanded and portrays both sides of the story as well as it can while still trying to guide the viewer to a conclusion and realization as I feel that any good documentary should.
I felt that I knew most of what they were going to cover, but still learned a few good tidbits such as the fact that we’re constructing(constructed?) 14 army bases in Iraq. Then of course there is the constant tie in with Eisenhower and his warning of the military-industrial complex buildup. Amazingly, much like with An Inconvenient Truth I did not come away from this feeling completely blown out. There is the realization that just like the Romans, the USSR, and just about any attempt at an Empire, this will all crash at some point.
There was one striking quote that I loved in it which was from a farmer in Iraq who they asked if he knew what to expect when the invasion of US forces happened to which he said (and I might have it a little off), “How could we know what to expect? I’m an illiterate farmer. I take the cows out in the morning. I bring them back in the evening. That’s all I do.”

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  1. I didn’t even know what Eisenhower had said until I watched this film. If there wasn’t a more compassionately brilliant President, I am not sure who is. I came away thinking a couple things. 1) That there are a lot of good things about this experiment called the USA. One of which is the ability of disparate people of different creed, sex, and race to live in one place and do and say whatever they please within reason. This experiment needs cash. 2) Can’t we make our economy turn without having to blow things up or build things that blow things up?

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