A Review of the Sony Clie UX50

I love my gadgets and the birth of the PDA has been one of the most fun things for me, since they keep adding more and features to these thigns as time goes on.
I refuse to get one of the Windows-based ones, since, even though I use Windows, I’m not a big fan using it on a small device, since it can get pretty bloated and I like these things to be fast and quick.
That being said, I’ve been a big fan of the Palm devices. My first one was a Palm IIxe, then I moved on to the Sony Clie NX70V. Now, I’ve gotten a Sony Clie UX50. This is a very slick device and probably one of the best Clies to have emerged.
The coolest thing about this Clie is the size and form factor. It’s much smaller than any of the other ones and it open sideways instead of flipping up like a notepad. This has the advantage of not taking up too much space, as well as providing a very big keyboard to type on. Yes, the keyboard is actually, truly useful.
The next big thing is that this device has both Bluetooth and Wireless 802.11b built right into it. There’s no need to add a card or anything, since you’ve got all the wireless abilities you need contained in the palm of your hand.
In addition to this, it has all the usual bits like a memory stick slot, headphone jack, and a standard USB connection for syncing. There are all the normal software on there that you would expect from a Palm as well as things like an MP3 player and photo software.
The camera is a cool things, but honestly, it’d be nice to have it be higher resolution, since the 1/3 megapixel images are all right, but not great.
The screen has the same resolution as the NX70V, but unfortunately is smaller in actual size, probably due to the wifi being built-in now. It’s stilla very clear, nice screen though.
The only other bit I’d ding it on is the battery life, which isn’t as good as my NX70V was. It’s still all right, but it would be nice to get a bit more time from it, especially since WiFi and Bluetooth suck a lot of juice when they’re on. They do make an addon battery pack, but that increases the size quite a bit.
Overall, it’s very cool and a must have if you like gadgets and all that business.