A Retraction

Okay, I made a rather large goof in what I said a few days ago about the Tate Modern. In my enthusiasm to spread information, I misinformed greatly. You see, as I was recounting my walk through the Tate Modern, I came across what I thought was the history of it as it related to the National Gallery because I was looking at what I thought was the floorplan of the the National and where the Tate Modern used to be before it outgrew the space of the National Gallery. Such is not the case as an English friend of mine pointed out.
The Tate is actually a group of four museums. Rather than misquote again, you can read up on it for yourself. I don’t really have an excuse for getting it so wrong, oh wait, yes I do, I’m an American and we excel at excuses. So, it must have been the time difference, too much tea, geopolitical forces rupturing my subconscious or some other thing that made me too freakin’ lazy to go and look up that actual history online. Beautiful, eh?