A Reason why I don’t Buy Chinese Stuff

Last Christmas my brother tried to do the impossible and get me a decent gift or two. I’m impossible to shop for. I pretty much buy something when I think that I need it and I try not to need too much in general, so the excess items that I need (ie gifts) are few. Anyways, he bought me a decent olive oil bottle. It had this tapered quality to it that made it pour faster or something. Seeing as how I had a more traditional that is square in shape, I didn’t have too much need for this one, so I put my balsamic vinegar in it.
Time went on and things were fine. It poured and did its business. Then, a couple of days ago, I was in the kitchen and I heard this ‘SNAP!’ I couldn’t figure out what the hell it was until I was at the counter later and saw balsamic vinegar everywhere. It turns out that without and warning, touching, bumping, moving, dropping, or anything, this bottle just decided to crack in half.
Naturally, this bottle was made in China. This is not a country known for their glasswares. Everything I’ve had that was glass and made in China has obliterated in a matter of months after using it. Wine glasses are the worst and while I’ve had some from Ikea that were crap and Chinese made, I’ve had others that were made in the Netherlands that were also cheap, yet have lasted much, much longer.
It’s not that I’m against China per se, it’s just that their production quality sucks. I think it’s fine if people buy from China as long as they buy things that last and aren’t being thrown away which, let’s face it, are pretty damned hard to come by. Due to a remnants of college days and a mother who loves dollar stores, I have a large body of evidence in the form of recycle and trash bins full of Chinese goods that have fallen apart on me. So, to anyone reading this who is about to buy me a gift due to the impending holidays, please no more glass made in China. You might as well buy me a ticking bomb to drink out of.
A Reason why I don't Buy Chinese Stuff

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